Representing Yourself in Legal Matters: Making “Pro Se” Pay

Representing yourself in any kind of legal matter without the advantage of a lawyer is called acting “Pro Se”. Pro Se (pronounced ‘pro say’) literally means “on a person’s own account” — you decide to act by yourself without having to hire a lawyer.

Legal self representation pertains to not only court proceedings actions like developing a Last Will and Testament, filing a Deed, your own Divorce or declaring Personal bankruptcy all come under the professional se category, provided you complete the legal forms and file the documents with no advice or representation of the lawyer.


A number of legal organizations and bar associations have conducted studies of self-symbolized litigants, which research has shown that a multitude of individuals depend upon themselves to handle their legalities:

o Persons with less than average incomes are more inclined to represent themselves.

o A substantial part of self-symbolized individuals report they might have owned by hire a lawyer to represent them, however that they chose to avoid so.

o Some research has shown that individuals who represent are far more prone to be happy with the legal process than individuals who’re symbolized by attorneys.

o 75 % of individuals who symbolized themselves in the court stated they’d try it again before they hired a lawyer.


Likewise, the reason why that individuals offer for representing themselves in legal matters are as much as they’re varied:

o Lawyers are extremely costly

uch a lot of believe that lawyers are ineffective quality services, neglect to return phone calls, and treat their customers within an unfriendly or unprofessional manner

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