2nd DWI Offense In Texas

The law in Texas lists DWI 2nd offenders as those who have been arrested for driving with an alcohol content of 0.15 or more on at least two occasions in the previous 10 years. Texas has a very high DWI offender rates in the country, so the repeat offender problem is treated harshly in the state. This article will describe what you should expect if you or someone you know has received a 2nd DWI offense in Texas.

Evaluation for an alcohol or drug dependency needs to be allowed by the person as soon as the conviction. All those people with DWI in Texas 2nd offense convictions, regardless of their test, have to complete 36 hours of drivers education on the topic of the danger of driving while drunk, and alcohol or drug use in general. Lowering the rate of drunk driving is the aim of this program, on top of helping people with substance abuse trouble. Accepting individual responsibility, building self-esteem and learning productive behaviors is the primary goal of the course. This program is offered in many different areas, by various groups and charities who have been permitted to do so by the state.

If the person is found as having trouble with substance dependence or abuse, they may be given one of two options by the judge: facing jail time, or going to a rehab program. Those who have already had 2nd DWI offense convictions in Texas could look at the chance to go to a rehabilitation program a good option since the 3rd DWI offense in Texas is a felony.