Allen DUI Attorney

The person has to face many problems when he caught under Driving While Intoxication case. He will be sent to Jail and also heavy penalties will be charged on him. In addition to that, he has to face ALR which means (Administration License Revocation) program for the suspension of Driving License.

If the person who has refused to submit Blood Alcohol Test under DWI Case, his driving license will be seized by the police officer and he will cancel the permit for 40-days.

Within in 15 days, you have to complete the ALR Program and you have to request a hearing or else if you don’t request hearing within the given time your driving license will be suspended automatically after 40 days.

Under Texas Administrative License Revocation Law, driving license will be suspended for 90 days which may extend up to 2 years is the person is 21 years old.

In case if the person is under the age of 21 his driving license suspension may be 30, 60 or it will extend up to 90 days:

  • If you have caught when you bought an alcohol and kept in your motor vehicle.
  • Consumed Alcohol while driving
  • Disturbing the public after consuming alcohol

If the above was proved then your License Suspension will be extended up to 180 days.

The only solution to release from the DUI Case is to hire a DUI Lawyer in Allen. DWI Attorney, Allen TX will discuss the DUI Case charged on you and he will explain the situation. If you are satisfied with the Allen, Texas DWI Attorney then you can handle the Case to him to get the best result.