Baytown DUI Attorney

If you have been caught by the police officer due to drink and drive, your first duty is to obey and give a proper response to the Police Officer, who is on Duty. Once you have caught, you have to listen to the police officer speech and you have to follow the instructions given by him. The officer will ask you to take BAC Test to check your alcohol level. You have the rights to refuse the test, but you will be pushed to additional penalties.

If you try to cheat the police officer by your argument then the punishment will be severe. The police officer will immediately arrest you; will seize your driving license; will put fines on you, and finally, he will send you to jail due to your misbehavior. So you should be careful while facing the police officer. You should not argue or you should not give any volunteer information. You have to answer only for the question asked by the police officer. Or else you have to face major problems occur due to the DUI Case.

The police officer will record your speech with the help of equipment fixed in the police car. If the officer doesn’t have the recorder, even though he will observe all your actions and arguments and file an FIR report. So don’t overact and don’t speak harshly on Duty Police Officer. DUI Case has more complications, better remain silent and consult Baytown, DUI Attorney for further step. You can explain your facts with the DUI Lawyer in Baytown who can give the better solution to escape from the Case. Whatever, doubts occur due to DUI Case you should not question the police officer who has arrested you under DUI Case. Ask your DWI Attorney, Baytown TX for any clarifications, which will be the safer one. Hiring a Baytown, Texas DWI Attorney is the Smart Way to close up your case without facing any complexity.