How To Beat A DUI In Arizona

Arizona has some of the toughest DUI laws in the USA. Over the last ten years, the required sentencing and jail conditions have created a situation that many consider inhumane and harsh. If you live in Arizona or are planning to travel through you should be aware of this and have a plan should you get pulled over for a DUI?

How to beat a DUI in AZ

1. Don’t Drink and Drive – The most obvious and simple idea is not to drink and drive to begin with. Not only does it put you at risk for getting a DUI but it endangers you, your passengers, other drivers and passengers, and pedestrians. If you are going to drink alcohol, you should either have a designated driver, a taxi companies number or be able to walk home.

2. Know your rights – If you do get pulled over on suspicion of having a DUI, you should understand your reasons. You do not have to agree to a roadside sobriety test or blood test. You do have to give the officer your identification, registration, and proof of insurance. You can request the right to speak with your attorney.

3. Get qualified and experienced Arizona DUI Attorney – The laws in Arizona are continually updated, having an attorney who knows the rules well is going to be critical. It will also help if they see the court that you are appearing in and have some rapport with the prosecutor and judge.

4. Try to get your sentencing to happen after summer – If you get a DUI in Arizona, that means you are going to Tent City. Sheriff Joe has made a name for himself by being very hard on criminals. In fact, he has racked up a few hundred million dollars in fines for his department and Maricopa County for being America’s toughest sheriff. If you are going to go to Tent City, then you want to go in winter time ideally. The worst time is summer when temperatures reach well over 100 degrees, and there is no air conditioning. The food is famously known to be horrendous, and most inmates bring quarters along so they can get food from the vending machines.

5. Do not Repeat – If you do get a DUI and get through it be sure not to do it again. Arizona does not treat repeat offenders kindly, and you will get guaranteed jail time if you repeat your offence. After enough offence, you may find yourself in Prison which might have some A/C but will make you wish you were still in the Tents.

Overall I would suggest that you focus on the first suggestion the most when in Arizona. After that be sure to understand your rights and have a number for a reasonable attorney if you do get pulled over. From there on its just damage control and hoping you don’t lose your job.