How to Choose the Best Knoxville DUI Lawyer

When a person gets arrested on a driving under the influence charge in Tennessee they undoubtedly have many thoughts running through their mind including:

• How much is this going to cost me?
• Am I going to lose my driver’s license and for how long?
• What’s going to happen to my insurance costs?
• Moreover, many more.

In the state of Tennessee, if a person is convicted of DUI, that DUI conviction will become a permanent part of that person’s criminal record in the state of Tennessee. In many states, if a person is convicted of a first offence DUI charge, they may be able to have the conviction expunged from their criminal record in that state, but not in Tennessee. A DUI cannot be deleted from one’s criminal record in Tennessee.

Therefore, if you have been arrested on a DUI charge in the state of Tennessee, it is essential that you seriously consider hiring a skilled DUI lawyer to represent you in court. A large number of people who get arrested on a DUI charge decide not to hire a lawyer based on the lawyer fees that they will incur.

This approach is very wrong because fighting a DUI charge in court is nothing like going to traffic court to fight a speeding ticket. It takes years of schooling and experience to become a successful Tennessee DUI lawyer. Even if a person decides to hire a lawyer to represent them in court, but ends up hiring a General Practitioner lawyer to save some money over hiring a skilled criminal defence lawyer, that is more of a mistake than just trying to go it alone come court day.

Now you have paid much money to a lawyer who has no idea about the DUI laws in Tennessee and does not have the experience to represent you in court and effectively defend you. The majority of these lawyers are just going to walk you through the system and in the end talk you into pleading guilty to the charge of DUI. Now you not only have spent much money on a lawyer, but you also have a criminal record in Tennessee.

To choose the best lawyer you can to represent you in court, you should start by talking to your friends and family and see if any of them knew of a good Knoxville DUI lawyer and was there a successful outcome in their case. The one thing you want to make sure of is that the DUI lawyer you choose in the end has a successful winning track record and that you are confident with the lawyer. If you meet with a DUI lawyer and you feel like he or she doesn’t have time for you, what do think will happen if you hire this lawyer? They’re not going to put in the time required to defend you in court effectively.

If you live in Knoxville Tennessee, it is essential that you speak with a skilled Knoxville DUI Lawyer as soon as possible in the DUI process. Tennessee DUI laws are extremely tough, and a potential DUI conviction is not something you want to leave to chance.