Is There a Reason to Hire a DUI Lawyer?

When stooped and charged with a DUI you might think that this is just a light charge that many different people are getting. Alternatively, you might think that it is useless to hire a DUI attorney because of the strong evidence against you. Such as a breath analyzer test or a blood test. However, it is important to consider the type of sway a lawyer can have in a courtroom. There are a lot of complicated laws that anyone who hasn’t spent a large majority of time studying law will make no sense to you. Sometimes these obscure laws can get you off the hook.

This might be your first experience with the legal system. If this is the case, then you probably have many unanswered questions about the way the legal systems work. A lawyer will help you sort through the complicated mess that is the legal system. DUI attorney will expedite your case and make the whole situation go through smother. Even though you might assume that you can defend yourself you knowledge of the law probably lacks enough to leave a few holes open in your case.

When the police stop you, you should refrain from answering any questions put forth by the officer. You are obligated to produce identification but other than that you don’t have to do anything. That includes a field sobriety test. Make sure to get a lawyer present before talking to the police. This is tricky as officers will sometimes use chit chat to sneak the information out of you. The actions that you take during the stop are a huge part of the case, so you want to make sure you do nothing to incriminate yourself.

With strong evidence faced against you in a trial, you might think that spending money on a lawyer is useless as it will be wasted funds in a case built around looming disaster. This is rarely true, however, because of a large amount of knowledge of the law that a lawyer has to obtain to practice, there are often many steps that they know how to take to reduce the sentencing of the case. It is possible that hiring a DUI attorney will pay for it with all the fees and charges you can miss out on. Even if the case doesn’t go to trial, you will still miss out on many fees and reduced penalties that you would have been held responsible for.